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A project / initiative by Numht & Partners


Is to give another opportunity to the students in Northern Uganda to have a Mathematics positive attitude as well as skills and developing talent

PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR:  John Goslino. (                                  COLLABORATORS: Schools, Community.                                                                                        TOTAL COST OF THE PROJECT: $ 600,000                                                                            DURATION OF THE PROJECT: Ongoing                                                                                        Project location: Junior Quarters Kampala road Lira Northern Uganda


Hinged on the concerns that arise from the statistical facts availed by main education authority as well as research around the education sector in Uganda, NUHMT affirms that the subject of mathematics is the most poorly performed across the whole country.  Upon paying numerous visits to multiple schools and teaching institutions across the country, NUHMT ascertains that  Northern Uganda surely faces the largest struggle in rectifying the poor performance plague in as far as Mathematics is concerned. As  many sample schools all over the country we could carry out investigations getting involved into the practice directly not only finds out that about 80% of the candidates in a school can not attempt s.2 mathematics yet this is the most examinable part in the final examinations. We could move around the community, schools and get students who could justify to us that mathematics is the subject which they perform poorly and they would always get into bad grades because of it.After identifying this problem we decided to look for the best site for our project. The vote fell on Northern Uganda as we looked at it to give us better results, you should look for a site which is badly affected. We found out that there is a lot of initiatives put in teaching mathematics including cyber technology, Secondary school science and mathematics (SESSMAT) which involved science and mathematics teachers to teach in comparison to day to day life to bring the students so close and love mathematics but we have still seen that the problem is still persisting then we sighted some new ideas after finding out that students have some other  activities they engage themselves in with a lot of ease and willingness. This was music and we had to build a concept rotating around those circles then we had to look back and compare the learning using music like in nursery. We could really master a lot of concepts through music yet we could even enjoy the lessons. This came in as a version of getting down and beginning some calculation for example a topic like mensuration and started singing it “if you want to get the volume of a sphere you say, V= 4/3π r3 “ done in a rhythmic way kind of hip hop which I guess these students love so much. This is one of the samples tried out and it turned to be positive as students come willingly to learn hip hop in so doing they end up falling in the hands of their worst nightmare the beast (Mathematics).As they really call it, that’s why we would want to turn it to the most wanted and hunted as we will let them see the benefits of knowing mathematics. With in the time flame of the 3 years on road we expect a positive turn up as the survey was done from the grass root.


This phenomenon is to make sure that we get a mathematics loving generation and give a good foundation to our rising stars and have a brighter future where ever they go be it at the university as mathematics is part of all courses be it Arts or Sciences.

To rub out those bad grades students have been getting at an early stage( elementary, right from primary level) as it is known national wide, that if you score F9 – failure makes you fail to get a better grade. If you have got a 1st grade with nine in mathematics then you move to 2nd grade. Mathematics is one of the  core subjects  in the education curriculum.It can determine the grade to lie in depending on its performance. You can never be in First grade when you have failed mathematics.

To let mathematics be heard as any other subject and be taken willingly by a student the way other subjects are offered. It can be a challenge when you visit S.6 science class and compare how many students offer mathematics to those who offer History. Those for History take 80% of the class.We also need to have the greater percentage of students in mathematics that in a history class.

To enjoy the fruits of education and  having students turned to mathematics teachers to balance the equation of lack of mathematics and science teachers. It will bridge the gap between the teachers and the learners and the environment between the two parties will be conducive.Am referring you to an extraordinary Maths teacher who used to exercise hip hop dance moves in class with his students.Ron Clark was an impressive Georgian educator with swag and founded Ron Clark academy in Atlanta.Him and his students where dancing to “Bet you can’t do it like me”. On the other hand music is one of the most booming businesses all around the world in that the learner can do it as a career along side mathematics.



NUMHT consists and shall involve the following stake holders with their responsibilities:

  1. Project administrator who will be in charge of monitoring all activities to be conducted through out the time frame.
  2. Project coordinators who will always be linking the project to other associates as well as affiliates and soliciting funds as well.
  3. Partners who will always look left and right to help in fundraising to sustain the project in order to fulfill its mission.
  4. Senior consultant to give technical advice and keep the project going in case of any problem.
  5. Mentors/facilitators to keep implementing the activities which are on the almanac at a particular period of time.
  6. President/CEO as the over roll seer of the running of the project together with the vice presidents.
  7. Schools/ community where most of the activities are to be carried out and are beneficiaries
  8. Students who are going to be the direct beneficiaries of the project.


To promote the love of mathematics in the new generations coming ahead of us and let the education sector and the performance in mathematics grow as well.

To embrace mathematics so that it turns out to be one of the beloved subjects. By the end of the 3 years the percentage at which mathematics is passed should at least be 60%. To develop the concept of how mathematics is taught and turns from complex to simplest.


Project lay out elaborations

Students to be engaged in the mathematics / hip hop class

Making of recordings and videography which will be posted on the website

Radio programs on how the project runs

Visiting of other school to sell out the concept

Meetings to monitor the progress.

Evaluating the best implementers of the project




































Entire team / Staff management


Mentors /facilitators/administrator


Coordinators /mentors/facilitators/administrator

Entire team /staff management



NUMHT project is anticipated to draw the following out comes and benefits:

  1. Schools getting involved will have their students passing mathematics well and hitherto will get more students hence growth of the school.
  2. Students participating will get good grades which after passing mathematics will enable them go to another level and achieve their goals.
  3. Teachers will also have no difficult in handling students in mathematics and will have a big turn up in class.
  4. A new culture will have been adopted of handling mathematics to rub out the way mathematics has been revised leading to failure.


NUMHT management and administration will monitor the whole project from inception to review. Monitoring and evaluation shall be performed regularly to assess if the project is progressing so that miles stones are achieved. The monitoring and evaluation shall be done in collaboration with the key stake holders.


NUMHT estimates the project to cost Ug shs 2100,000,000 for the 3 years it’s going to run and this cost shall entirely pay:

  1. Salaries for the staff.
  2. Rent for the office premises and venues to perform the activities.
  3. Transportation of staff and other materials to be used for the activities from school to school
  4. Several audio recording and video coverage which will be posted on this website.This includes buying gadgets to be used like cameras,laptops,projectors,etc
  5. Stationary like duplicating papers, pens, black books and a white board for the sessions to be conducted.



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