NORTHERN UGANDA MATHEMATICS/HIP HOP TRADITION (NUMHT) is a community based organization (CBO) started in Northern Uganda,Lira district to “Educate and Build talent” with a registration number 23/17/053.

As a learning methodology,the hip hop mathematics school program involves an interactive,entertaining,participatory networked learning process between the trainer and the learners.The trainer will disseminate mathematics information through hip hop music and integrating it with class work and notes taking as well.

This brings quick memories in case any part of a formula or  anything needed at that time is forgotten in a sense that you just make a replay of the lyrical mathematics song from the notes taken.Today Uganda is growing on a high rate but following a global trend where education and innovation are paramount for any such a development.Indeed in Uganda the youth are the largest percentage and have the highest potential to evoke the development of this nation,therefore anything enhancing their potential is a remarkable strategy.

Why hip hop mathematics?

  • It makes you fall in love with what you’re doing.(Both the trainer and the learners)
  • It bridges the gap between the learner and the trainer as we very well know that music is one of the best necessities in life.
  • It creates confidence and chases away fear the learner may have developed.
  • Its user friendly as it involves melodies which could make a leaner feel at home.
  • It makes revision easy due to the fact,can be done anywhere at any ones convenient time.


“An empowered and mathematics ignorant free community”


“Bringing positivism towards the way mathematics is handled in primary,secondary and university sectors as it is the backbone of all subjects.”








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